Powerlifter Chad Aichs visits the clinic at Kabuki Strength Lab.

Powerlifter Chad Aichs visits the clinic at Kabuki Strength Lab.


I am a deep tissue specialist and a problem solver. Trained at East West College here in Portland, I did advanced work with Jon Hart and in the area of structural integration with Tom Meyers and continue to develop my proficiency aggressively. Ask me about it! As a long time member of Kabuki Strength Lab, a world class powerlifting gym, I am familiar with the biomechanics of lifting as well as rehabilitation and self massage techniques for athletes.

I focus on postural restoration. I understand and will help you to understand how environmental influences like desk work, driving, and other pressures we all face can put stresses and burdens on our posture. There are easy fixes and solutions to getting and staying pain-free. Consult with me today!

Although I work deeply I work carefully and customize every aspect of your session to your preferences and comfort level. My clients range from young powerlifters and strongmen to new mothers, office workers, students, and 79 year old men and women who want to stay mobile and pain free.

I love the challenge of a neck that hasn't responded to anything else but my client trusts me to give it my best. I often see surprising results for a variety of chronic and difficult conditions, ranging from jumper's knee and tennis elbow to low back pain and headaches. I work hard to stay on top of the literature, study under the best authorities, and explore innovative modalities and approaches to broaden my skill-set.

I am a muscle geek and a trained educator. I have both taught special education and published original research as a scholar. I love to discover new insights and explanations that can help my clients. They find it is a great extra bonus when they learn about what is causing their pain, why it may have occurred, and how they can best relieve it. I offer simple, easy tips on self massage and corrective exercise you can do yourself. That way you can save money and be in charge of your own healing! 

For those seeking to get back in shape and back in the gym, my practice is ideal. I love lifting, am an experienced powerlifting coach, and believe that movement is the most important physical foundation for a happy and healthy life. Please consult with me on issues from training better to getting in shape or just getting back into the gym. Massage therapy can help to open up an exciting world of healthy, fun movement.