Sports massage is different than spa or relaxation massage as it focuses on improving movement, flexibility and overall athletic performance. Benefits include:

  • improves blood and lymph circulation
  • relieves muscle tension
  • reduces soreness and aids recovery
  • increases range of motion and flexibility
  • reduces inflammation
  • builds proprioception or body awareness

We often work on powerlifters, bodybuilders, boaters, swimmers, cyclists, dancers and runners who need to recover quickly from an injury and improve overall performance. Athletes need regular sports massages to reduce the likelihood of the muscles becoming overtrained and more prone to injuries, so you can continue to do the sports you love. 

How sports massage works

Sports massage is similar to deep tissue massage but sports massage is often more directed and must keep in mind the athlete's training goals and training plan. I work closely with my athletes to ensure their training cycle and training goals are achievable. I work with athletes before and after competitions to keep them staying strong and mobile.

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