Structural Bodywork is an advanced form of massage therapy that works the deep tissues and facia to relieve discomfort and chronic pain. Structural bodywork focuses on the body's physical alignment and can help to create more meaningful, lasting relief. Often we feel pain as a result of compensations that the body uses when other parts become unavailable or adhered. The goal of structural bodywork is to help the body to be well aligned with itself and gravity - not against it.

Jim Freda's advanced structural bodywork techniques focus on healing the whole person, emotionally, physically and energetically. 

Structural bodywork typically involves work not only on the table but, as is relevant, standing or sitting as well. It typically involves a careful assessment process and work on home and office influences, including corrective exercise and self massage techniques.

• improve flexibility, fluidity, movement and balance
• improve posture
• loosen tight muscles
• restore your body to its natural state
• alleviate muscle tension
• improve the body’s serotonin levels, the hormone that promotes happiness
• improve sleep

Who should seek structural integration and a remedy?

People who have pain due to posture, tight muscles, aches. Specifically, people who have pain in their knees, ankles, shoulders or neck benefit greatly from structural integration. 


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