Deep Tissue vs
Spa Massage


Deep tissue massage is very different from spa or relaxation massage. While I love providing a relaxing, full body massage experience, it is a "deep tissue" relaxation massage. I don't use aromatherapy or hot stones or wraps. Instead I use my knowledge of anatomy to provide a deeply healing experience of release. I specialize in pain relief and postural restoration, but I love it when my clients request a full body relaxation experience for pleasure and stress relief, and my clients love it too.


It is difficult to provide a full body experience and also spend the time needed in these areas without increasing the session length. A longer session is fantastic!
Deep tissue, orthopedic, or structural bodywork seeks to get at problem areas and this can involve some tenderness and more communication between client and therapist. A deep tissue session that is focused on a number of specific issues takes time and it is best to plan on a longer session.

Intake, Pain, and Communication

A doctor asking medical questions to his male patient

Because deep tissue massage is so powerful and can have a positive effect on the body's systems, including the  respiratory, circulatory, immune, and musculoskeletal systems, it is important to provide your therapist with a thorough intake. I have an online form that is easy and efficient, but i also start each session with a face-to-face intake specific to that day's session. I will ask you for your preference for your massage today, what areas you want worked or left alone, and most importantly what specific issues you are experiencing that I can help you with. This usually last from a few minutes to up to 10 minutes for more complex medical and musculoskeletal issues. I keep notes from each session and together we will work toward full resolution of your problem.


I work very hard to make my sessions as pain-free a possible, using frequent check-ins and a pain scale to simplify things. There are times when clients feel sore the next day and this can usually be resolved with over the counter analgesics, herbal remedies, epsom salt soaks, or ice packs. You will experience meaningful relief from pain and dysfunction and I will be very responsive to your concerns. I fine tune my work every step of the way to make sure you feel safe and comfortable.

Clothing, Self Massage and Easy Corrective Exercise


An informed client is an empowered client.
I am an educator by profession and temperament. I love to help my clients understand as clearly as possible what is happening to them to cause their discomfort or pain. I also try to help my clients understand how massage is helping. This makes a difference when I teach simple self-massage tricks that are easy to do and really provide relief. I talk about anatomy and physiology, but I work hard to make things clear and easy to understand. Finally, I spend a lot of time researching the best corrective exercises my clients can use to quickly and efficiently undo their problems. Many common problems are caused by postural misunderstandings, too much sitting or desk work, and a lack of tone. All these are very easy for clients to fix on their own and I love to show them how! 

Your comfort is my first concern. Please wear loose clothing if you wish to remain dressed. Most clients will disrobe to their underwear or skin. I always keep my clients safely and modestly draped and get consent before working on more sensitive areas like the hips and shoulders.