Book Review: The New Rules of Posture by Mary Bond

Mary Bond: The New Rules of Posture

I highly recommend Mary Bond’s writing and videos. She thinks the way I do. As a structural bodyworker and movement specialist who is focused on the average person rather than the advanced coach, clinician, or athlete, she knows how to speak in a way that makes sense and is friendly and helpful. Mary Bond is a wonderful soul with advanced training in dance and Rolfing. She is an experienced movement educator and structural bodyworker and has been helping people feel more aligned and move more freely for over 30 years. She knows how to explain your body and how to teach you simple exercises that will have a deep effect on your posture. Posture for Mary is, as it should be, not about a single fixed position. It is about being present and moving with grace and confidence. This book is full of gentle explanations and helpful illustrations that allow the reader to grasp the anatomical concepts and exercises they need to make meaningful changes in their physical bearing in the world. This book is not too much more than $10 on Amazon and comes in a Kindle version as well. I keep one in my lobby for my clients to look through and highly recommend it!