Dynamic Aging by Katy Bowman

Katy Bowman is a biomechanist and movement specialist. She is funny, knows her stuff, and communicates in a way that the general reader can relate to easily. This book is a real treat—and I have many of her books. It is one I keep in my lobby and regularly recommend to my clients. Co-written by four of her long time students, all around 79 years young now, they each have wonderful stories to tell of how they used these exercises to overcome real issues with their feet, hips, and backs. These issues were keeping them from hiking, walking the beach, and enjoying their golden years but now they all experience much more ease of movement: “I can cross a log 6 feet over a rushing river and I am 79 years old!” exclaims one of the co-authors. 

This is the book they wish they had when they were 20—but it is written with the older reader in mind. Give it a look. It will educate you about important concepts you need to know to stay healthy and will teach you easy, helpful exercises you can use to stay mobile as you age.